Windshield Replacement Cost

How much does a windshield replacement cost?

Windshields is essentially a glass sandwich that has a plastic layer in the the middle. Therefore this is the only piece of autoglass that can be repaired if you happen to get your windscreen chipped or cracked, without causing a structural damage to the car.

However you have to keep in mind that windshield repairs are not done for purely cosmetic reasons, but are done to to keep the structure of the the windshield glass and car as a whole solid.

Windshield repairs are also the better choice economically as opposed to replacing the windscreen itself. Due to this fact it is the preferred method of Insurance companies should you get a crack or chip.

Therefore the windshield repair cost is very low, and are usually covered for free under your policy without any negative repercussions.

However sometimes a Windshield replacement is inevitable and the cost of a windshield replacement varies depending on the model of the car.

Typical costs:

  • Chips or cracks in the windshield may not require replacement. Many auto insurers will cover repairs in full, with no deductible, to avoid costly replacements. However, only certain chips and cracks can be repaired. Repairs can’t be in the driver’s direct line of sight and they must be small.
  • Replacing windshields range from$157 to $324 for passenger cars; $164 to $290 for SUVs; $164 to $310 for pickup trucks; and $174 to $294 for minivans.
  • Costs for chip repair range from $20 for in-store service to $55 for mobile service.
  • Expect to pay $20 more for each additional chip. Cost for crack repair up to 12 inches range from $50 – $59; cracks between 12 and 24 inches range from $59 to $69. Reputable shops will advise replacement of windshields with cracks longer than 24 inches, since anything bigger cannot be repaired safely.

Additional costs:

  • Certain vehicles require special rubber mouldings that cost $5 to $21.
  • If your windshield has attached wipers, replacing the windshield will also require replacement of the wipers and blades, which would cost $10 to $20

To get the best deal I suggest you find your local dealer (either via a zip code search on the top right or Windscreen Repair Services on the right) and ask for a quotation. Remeber to shop around to get the best price for a windshield replacment.

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