Windshield Replacement Cost

May 13th, 2009

How much does a windshield replacement cost?

Windshields is essentially a glass sandwich that has a plastic layer in the the middle. Therefore this is the only piece of autoglass that can be repaired if you happen to get your windscreen chipped or cracked, without causing a structural damage to the car.

However you have to keep in mind that windshield repairs are not done for purely cosmetic reasons, but are done to to keep the structure of the the windshield glass and car as a whole solid.

Windshield repairs are also the better choice economically as opposed to replacing the windscreen itself. Due to this fact it is the preferred method of Insurance companies should you get a crack or chip.

Therefore the windshield repair cost is very low, and are usually covered for free under your policy without any negative repercussions.

However sometimes a Windshield replacement is inevitable and the cost of a windshield replacement varies depending on the model of the car.

Typical costs:

  • Chips or cracks in the windshield may not require replacement. Many auto insurers will cover repairs in full, with no deductible, to avoid costly replacements. However, only certain chips and cracks can be repaired. Repairs can’t be in the driver’s direct line of sight and they must be small.
  • Replacing windshields range from$157 to $324 for passenger cars; $164 to $290 for SUVs; $164 to $310 for pickup trucks; and $174 to $294 for minivans.
  • Costs for chip repair range from $20 for in-store service to $55 for mobile service.
  • Expect to pay $20 more for each additional chip. Cost for crack repair up to 12 inches range from $50 – $59; cracks between 12 and 24 inches range from $59 to $69. Reputable shops will advise replacement of windshields with cracks longer than 24 inches, since anything bigger cannot be repaired safely.

Additional costs:

  • Certain vehicles require special rubber mouldings that cost $5 to $21.
  • If your windshield has attached wipers, replacing the windshield will also require replacement of the wipers and blades, which would cost $10 to $20

To get the best deal I suggest you find your local dealer (either via a zip code search on the top right or Windscreen Repair Services on the right) and ask for a quotation. Remeber to shop around to get the best price for a windshield replacment.

Windshield and Windscreen Repair

May 11th, 2009

Check the individual states for your nearest Windscreen and Windshield repair service or try the search button!

Why do a Windscreen Chip Repair

April 16th, 2009

What is a windscreen chip? and why should repair it?

A Windscreen usually gets chipped or cracked by an impact from a stone or other debris hitting the windscreen while the vehicle is being driven.

This can be a problem as the Windscreen Chip  could turn into a crack at any time, and could cause a safety risk if it happens while your driving.

Further  the passenger airbag relies on support from the windscreen if deployed and is responsible for 30% of the cars structural integrity.

Types of Windscreen Chips

Windscreen chips can take up several forms such as:

‘Bulls eye’ – a circular indentation,
‘Star break’ – small cracks radiating out in all directions,
Other combinations of the above with names such as, ‘cloverleaf’, ‘beeswing’, ‘half moon’

What factors increase the risk of windscreen chips and cracks?

As Windscreen sizes increases so does the risk of chips due to the larger surface area.

More ‘complex’ windscreens may have certain stress points that if struck can cause chips and cracks.

A car on a ‘loose’ or busy road is more susceptible to get struck by debris that may cause damage.

Speed and number of miles driven also can contribute to the amount of damage that may occur if your windscreen is struck by debris.

Also further shock, vibration, extremes of temperature (such as turning the air-conditioning on full on a scorching hot day), driving time or factors such as frost, dirt and moisture getting inside a chip can all contribute in to making the windscreen chip in to a crack.

Glass has no inherent strength and therefore no ability to resist outside factors. Once a chip or crack appears, external stressors, such as heat, vibration or movement are likely to cause it to expand.

Other issues

A chip in a windscreen may cause damage to the rubber of the vehicle’s windscreen wiper blades if left unrepaired.

It may result in your car failing your MOT. There are clear rules about what must be repaired in different parts of your windscreen, particularly the part that is swept by your windscreen wipers.


Credit goes to

  • Damage larger than 10mm will fail in the drivers line of vision. Marked Zone “A” above
  • Damage larger than 40mm will fail in the rest of the swept area Marked Zone “B” above.
  • Significant scratching that impairs the drivers vision


  • If a chip is in the drivers line of vision, it only has to be bigger than 10mm for your windscreen to fail its MOT.
  • The MOT testers manual says “any damage not contained within a circle of 10mm” so a cluster of minor damage could also fail
  • (Statistics  accredited to Glass Doctors)

What can I do?

There are a number of DIY kits about, however usually if you have fully comprehensive insurance, this is covered and normally you do not have to pay any ‘waive’ fee or lose your no claim bonus. But make sure with your insurance company!

Or feel free to have a look though our emerging Windscreen Repair Services

How Would You Recommend Paying For Glass Repair Service That Is Not Done In A Timely Manner, Read On?

August 15th, 2009

Had a window on my van needing replacement, just cracked, another window stopped working with the track and motor, and is now inside the door panel just needing a new motor/regulator, and another window that just shattered on its own, no one was even touching the van and just shattered. So I called around to get the best prices, and got price matched with the company I am getting work from, meanwhile, they tell me that I was scheduled for 6:15pm, told 8:00am for the next day, no one showed, waited for a good hour before calling them. They said oh we had you on for 6:15pm yesterday, no one came then either, I was here. I told them I was told 8. Ok hold on let me check the status of your service, tick tok, comes back and tells me, okay we will have someone there first thing in the am. 8 o’clock they said. Again no one showed, called in and they say I was on schedule for 1:00pm. Okay, so on through the day, no one got her until 1:53 to be exact, sorry, I’m late but you can come out now, I’m by your vehicle. Okay, so I came down, they did not have the right glass for my side cargo door, fact they did not even have the not private glass to put on, they replaced the cracked windshield, and left the two other holes. I stay in an apartment where people are shady, one year there were over 20 cars broken into, so I have cameras on my car. It is now raining, so I pulled in one of the garages that are opened, and had okayed it with the landlord, explaining my situation. Now they said they will be here today between 8-12, guy showed up at 8:00. first timely guy in the company, couldn’t wait a half hour for me to come out, I was asleep, my phone was dead, and had woken up later then expected, I was up the night before all night due to not wanting my stuff to get stolen, work stuff/system.and more, sure enough had to call the police on two people who were obviously not where they belonged. One dude even left and came back. Saw him on the north end of the garages I was parked in, but that garage was not able to be closed, like the night after was able to lock it up. Anyways, it is now going on noon and still no call back from the guy who say he would be calling back right away, that was almost two hours ago, and now just got a call, saying they will be here between 1 and 3, so everything just keeps getting punched back, I’m waiting longer then they are willing to wait for my job to be serviced and just don’t feel that this is all in error. I don’t feel what I am being quoted is right, what would you do? How would you fight this? And is there a way to fight this? Is there any legal action I can take to say no I don’t agree on the price after the work is done, to bill me, or anything. Honestly, what can be done in this situation to get that price dropped from what it is to a lower payment. Either way, I am broke and taking time away from work to get this taken care of, my job requires me to drive around and canvas homes, and go door to door, for another service, beyond that, I don’t know what I can do, normally I would just pay for it and be mad that I did. I don’t want to do that this time, so what action can be taken legally, to get what I feel in the price that should be considerably reduced. I’m mad. I wish I would have gone with the other guy who quoted the price that I was supposedly matching with. He honestly deserved the job more then this place. Any advice would be good. Besides slide remarks of just pay it and quit being rediculous or whatever you may think. This is just shoty service.

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