How Would You Recommend Paying For Glass Repair Service That Is Not Done In A Timely Manner, Read On?

Had a window on my van needing replacement, just cracked, another window stopped working with the track and motor, and is now inside the door panel just needing a new motor/regulator, and another window that just shattered on its own, no one was even touching the van and just shattered. So I called around to get the best prices, and got price matched with the company I am getting work from, meanwhile, they tell me that I was scheduled for 6:15pm, told 8:00am for the next day, no one showed, waited for a good hour before calling them. They said oh we had you on for 6:15pm yesterday, no one came then either, I was here. I told them I was told 8. Ok hold on let me check the status of your service, tick tok, comes back and tells me, okay we will have someone there first thing in the am. 8 o’clock they said. Again no one showed, called in and they say I was on schedule for 1:00pm. Okay, so on through the day, no one got her until 1:53 to be exact, sorry, I’m late but you can come out now, I’m by your vehicle. Okay, so I came down, they did not have the right glass for my side cargo door, fact they did not even have the not private glass to put on, they replaced the cracked windshield, and left the two other holes. I stay in an apartment where people are shady, one year there were over 20 cars broken into, so I have cameras on my car. It is now raining, so I pulled in one of the garages that are opened, and had okayed it with the landlord, explaining my situation. Now they said they will be here today between 8-12, guy showed up at 8:00. first timely guy in the company, couldn’t wait a half hour for me to come out, I was asleep, my phone was dead, and had woken up later then expected, I was up the night before all night due to not wanting my stuff to get stolen, work stuff/system.and more, sure enough had to call the police on two people who were obviously not where they belonged. One dude even left and came back. Saw him on the north end of the garages I was parked in, but that garage was not able to be closed, like the night after was able to lock it up. Anyways, it is now going on noon and still no call back from the guy who say he would be calling back right away, that was almost two hours ago, and now just got a call, saying they will be here between 1 and 3, so everything just keeps getting punched back, I’m waiting longer then they are willing to wait for my job to be serviced and just don’t feel that this is all in error. I don’t feel what I am being quoted is right, what would you do? How would you fight this? And is there a way to fight this? Is there any legal action I can take to say no I don’t agree on the price after the work is done, to bill me, or anything. Honestly, what can be done in this situation to get that price dropped from what it is to a lower payment. Either way, I am broke and taking time away from work to get this taken care of, my job requires me to drive around and canvas homes, and go door to door, for another service, beyond that, I don’t know what I can do, normally I would just pay for it and be mad that I did. I don’t want to do that this time, so what action can be taken legally, to get what I feel in the price that should be considerably reduced. I’m mad. I wish I would have gone with the other guy who quoted the price that I was supposedly matching with. He honestly deserved the job more then this place. Any advice would be good. Besides slide remarks of just pay it and quit being rediculous or whatever you may think. This is just shoty service.

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2 Responses to “How Would You Recommend Paying For Glass Repair Service That Is Not Done In A Timely Manner, Read On?”

  1. Betty M Says:

    Talk about shoddy service! How were you unfortunate enough to contact this company? Are there no others within your area or price range. In most cases your car insurance should cover window replacement -especially windshield -did you check this out with your insurance company?I do not know where you live however I would look for another area especially if you live alone. Your only course of action regarding said glass company is to report them to the Better Business Bureau and let them know you did. I would talk with the manager of this business regarding the so called service and ask for a discount in negligent service.

  2. shygirl9 Says:

    Just report them to the Better Business Bureau. They can help you with your troubles.

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