Windshield Replacement Cost?

How much would it typically cost to replace a windshield or fix a 4-5inch crack?

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3 Responses to “Windshield Replacement Cost?”

  1. George B Says:

    I recently had the rather large windshield replaced on my full sized Dodge van.
    Most dealers don’t do that in house any more. They farm the job out to local shops. A Dodge dealer gave me suggestions where to go and from that I found one that did a perfect job for $220. In case you don’t know it that’s a very good price for a large windshield.
    Ask a dealer for their local recommendations for the make of car you have. Then make some phone calls.

  2. richard Says:

    Like the other guy said. You can also call a couple of your larger salvage yards. I have 2 in my area that no matter what the car or truck is, they will charge 100 bucks for the windshield and 45 to replace it. There are plenty of “new” aftermarket” companies that are very cheap for the windshields.

  3. mister ss Says:

    you won’t be able to fix a windshield with a crack like that in it, your looking at a new one and if you have insurance it will cost you $50 or $100 depending on your glass breakage deductible and they will come to your house and install it.

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