Windshield Replacement: After Market?

Hi, I am trying to replace my windshield which has a large crack spider form. I did little research and found out that there are heated and non-heated windshields. I called a Toyota dealer close to me to see how much it would cost to replace it for a Highlander they said $954 without labor close to $1200 OMG!!!! Shocked. Anyways my question is are there any heated after market ones out there. Also the car doesn’t have an antenna i think it is build in so is there any changes to my reception to radio if I put a after market on it. I guess the guy from the dealership is trying to convince me to purchase the original one. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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2 Responses to “Windshield Replacement: After Market?”

  1. Christia Says:

    Go aftermarket they should have the correct one….

  2. Chad F Says:

    I do not think you can add a heated glas to a car that does not have one.
    Alot of the Toyota’s have the antenna in the rear glass or the side glass depending on which one you have.
    You can put in aftermarket glass and it will be cheeper, or go to your insurance and tell them a rock hit it causing the crack, you will have to pay your deductable but that should be cheeper that $1200.

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