Windscreen Replacement?

I’m not covered by the insurance for my windscreen to be replaced. I have a renault clio dynamique 16V, year 05. Do you know anywhere I can get it done cheap. I’ve tried auto glass and they were over £450.

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5 Responses to “Windscreen Replacement?”

  1. fatrab Says:

    They can be cut out of cars in breakers yards but it takes an experienced hand to do it.
    Once removed they are bonded into your car with Sikaflex.
    Ask your local breakers how much they’d charge to remove one for you and fit it. Should be less than £200 all in.
    If the breakers wont fit it for you, ask your local friendly mechanic, I’m sure he’ll know a man that can!

  2. THOMAS H Says:

    heres a not quite legal way of doing it……
    hire a car the same make as yours,swap plates,phone the hire company,tell them their windscreen is busted,they send for autoglass,guy fixes “rented” car and goes away,swap plates back return rental car et voila your windscreen magically gets repaired for free!
    i had to do that years ago when money was really tight,not proud of it but it worked.

  3. esmerelda v Says:

    Autoglass are not usually the cheapest. Look in yellow pages for companies that replace screens and phone for a few quotes.

  4. witton ender Says:

    Phone a renault garage to see who they use.

  5. edwards3 Says:

    have you tried a scrapyard that’s where i go if a window gets broken

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