Will Insurance Company Raise Premium For Having Windshield Replaced.?

In Florida it is law insurance company pay entire replacement cost. I have Allstate and 7 years of no claims to them.
Anybody have windshield replaced then have rates go up

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4 Responses to “Will Insurance Company Raise Premium For Having Windshield Replaced.?”

  1. Miss Meli Says:

    Oh lord, NO. Glass breakage in Florida is paid out through Comprehensive and so long as you don’t have an excessive amount of comprehensive claims in a three year period (rule of thumb – more then three in three with my company), you don’t have to worry about your policy at all.

  2. Doodlest Says:

    I have State Farm (different state) and windshields are covered under comprehensive. Never had my rate go up and I’ve had 3 windshields on the car I’m currently driving (damn rocks) in the past 10 years.

  3. beany muppy Says:

    not sure

  4. Dr. J Says:

    if you file enough claims your insurance will consider you a higher risk and yes increase your premiums.

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