Where Can I Find The Cheapest Auto Glass Replacement?

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3 Responses to “Where Can I Find The Cheapest Auto Glass Replacement?”

  1. Justin M Says:

    Pick-Your-Part salvage there nationwide and install auto glass.

  2. stephen c Says:

    Around here most new auto glass is running about $250 installed. I have done it myself and the risk of getting hurt without the right tools and experience outweighs the potential hundred bucks you may save. Shop around. If you want to do it yourself, have at least two people and use thick gloves. You are going to have to cut through the thick silicone they used to install it to get the old one out. If the old one is all shattered I would forget it, you will get hurt.

  3. crash test Says:

    Scrap yards if you can install your own glass but since most people cannot do it safely call your local glass shops prices to vary greatly usually the national chains are willing to negotiate if you find a better price.
    Following up on the next response, you can cut out your own glass but please be aware if replacing a windshield or backglass that requires glue do not use silicon like mentioned only if you want the glass out during an accident you must use urethane which does not come cheap add about 30 to 50 dollars to the scrap yard price plus your time and safety not worth it.

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