Vw Windscreen Chips And Scratches?

Ive just called the windscreen “autoglass” (apart from being extremely rude) they gave me a stupid (£400 quote) for a replacement glass because my insurance is third party.
I told him that i will call back when i get comprehensive insurance, and he said you cannot do that because now that you put the claim in, it is fraud.
(*im thinking, WTF, how can it be fraud)
I brought the car 3 weeks ago and the previous owner left chips and marks all over the windscreen. And its not a nice view.
IM Confued?!
Some one (preferably a mechanic please tell me wats up)
Would i be able to make any future claims in the foreseeable future or will Auto glass have it in their database.
ALso what about other independent glass replacement /repairing organisations

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4 Responses to “Vw Windscreen Chips And Scratches?”

  1. Replica Says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, but you cannot claim for any damage that was on a vehicle prior to your taking out insurance. If you indicate on your claim form that the damage was there when you bought the car, the insurer will turn down your claim.
    If you state it occurred after you had taken out the insurance and the insurer finds out that this was not the case, you will find yourself facing a criminal charge for fraud and the insurer will still not repair the damage.
    If this is an MOT issue , then my advice is to shop around for a replacement windscreen. There are many companies that specialise in this type of job and the price can vary quite considerably between them.
    If not an MOT issue, the alternative is to carry on driving the car as it is in the hope that the windscreen cracks or gets broken through some other incident (Murphy’s law says that if you want that to happen, it won’t until you get a new screen).
    If the preferred supplier used by the Insurance company is Auto Glass, then there is a risk that they will notify the insurer should you wish to make a false claim (i.e get fully comprehensive and then accidental/purposefully break the screen).
    Be careful as with the large number of insurance scams that are going on, insurance companies will institute criminal proceedings if they suspect fraud.

  2. Timbo is here Says:

    Yes when you go fully comp you could claim if the windscreen is cracked, NOT if it is just chipped and scratched.
    I have heard of people getting a hammer and deliberately cracking a poor widscreen but would not recommend that.
    Most insurance companies now have a £75 excess on screens.

  3. Betty Beetle Says:

    Yes it is Fraud as you cannot claim for damages which occurred before you took out the insurance.

  4. PSAF Says:

    Of course you can’t claim if you get comprehensive cover in the future.
    If you claim for something that has not happened since you took out the cover, you would be making a false claim and therefore attempting to defraud the insurance company. Hence it is fraud.
    Try and get a quote from another company or get used to it. If it is bad enought to fail a MOT test, you will have to have it replaced or repaired in any case. Wait until the MOT is due or go to a MOT testing station and ask the guys there for advice on where to get it donw.

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