The Cost To Replace My Windshield?

We have a 2002 Ford Escape, and recently noticed a crack about 13 or so inches long down by the windshield wipers. So, I was wondering if anyone would know the approximate cost to have the windshield replaced? I would like to have a good, possibly lifetime warranty on the replacement.

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  1. sarge927 Says:

    It really depends on where you are and how much competition is around. Here in the Detroit area there is a lot of competition, so windshields from glass shops start around $200.00 and go up from there depending on how “fancy” the windshield is (a Ford Escape has a pretty basic windshield, so you could get one in Motown for probably around $200.00-$250.00). However, you can chuck the idea of a lifetime warranty in the crapper — there is no such thing for windshields. They’re required to be made out of a certain grade of glass by the government, and there’s always the possibility that glass will crack or break.

  2. timberra Says:

    any were from 180-300

  3. jim Says:

    It shouldn’t cost you anything. Most car insurance policies replace glass for free, with no deductible.

  4. mamme Says:

    I have a 2004 Escape & have had to replace my windsheild 4 times. While living in Mass, replacment was free in with my insurance. After moving to NH I had to pay $100 deductable & one time I let it go so long that my insurance wouldn’t cover it anything, but I only paid $150.00 with out the insurance. I think it differs from state to state. I don’t know about a lifetime warranty. My damages were caused from a portion of Rt. 95 being dug & rocks were flying everywhere.

  5. floridam Says:

    some insurance companies cover windshield replacements as part of your coverage. Check with your insurance company to see if your windshield is covered for free replacement.

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