Should I Go Through My Insurance Company For A Cracked Windshield?

I have an 07 Toyota Corolla and I recently got a huge crack on my windshield, but it hasnt spider webbed out yet. I was wondering if it’s cheaper/better to file it with my insurance or just go to an auto glass place and pay for it out of my pocket. I called and they said I would have to pay the deductable of 500 and they would pay the rest. But from what I see on here, windshields only cost a couple of hundred dollars.

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3 Responses to “Should I Go Through My Insurance Company For A Cracked Windshield?”

  1. Peedlepu Says:

    A windshield is a relatively inexpensive item. Usually less than your deductible. I would just pay for one out of pocket when it needs replacing. You’re correct. They are only a couple hundred dollars, and it is a very simple repair to do.
    Any other glass on your car is a different story especially the rear window that has the defroster wires in it. All the other glass is expensive because there is lots of labor involved to change them. Those you would claim on your insurance.

  2. entidtil Says:

    I don’t think you can replace one for a “couple of hundred”.. Why not call an auto glass company and ask what the cost is? BTW, having any deductible at all on comprehensive in my opinion is not wise if only for the very dilemma you are facing now.

  3. i_give_u Says:

    Call and ask a body shop how much it would cost to replace and/or fix the windshield.It might be more then a couple of hundred because they will charge you labor.Then go from there,obviously if it’s less then $500 there is no point to file.

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