Remove Scratch From Windshield (tried Janvil)?

I need help. I have scratched my windshield with green sponge. I have bought janvil product and tried to buff out myself and made it worse. LOL. Now I have green sponge scratch and scratch from buffing. I can not feel scratch with my finger nail. I tried about 4 stores and they say they don’t know. Where should I try? I have contacted lots of Auto Glass Repair shop and they said They can fix chips but not scratch. My final decision will be replacing cheapest out there was $320 for BMW. I live in georgia if anyone know any store local I will be very happy. Thank you,

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3 Responses to “Remove Scratch From Windshield (tried Janvil)?”

  1. Steven B Says:

    I was just looking at the Janvil Website. It looks like they do not recommend trying to polish scratches made with green kitchen sponges.
    From Janvil site “Scratches caused by the infamous green kitchen scrub sponge can be quite nasty. The fibers in these sponges can “bite” right into the glass surface and cause major scratching. There has been so much damaged caused by these over the years that the sponge manufactures have began to put a warning on the packages that states to never to use them on glass, plastic or aquariums. The damage caused by these kitchen sponges can be very severe since you can easily destroy the outer surface of the glass. This is not typical glass damage and it will take a bit of time repair.”
    I guess my first question would be why did you use a green sponge pad on your windshield in the first place? What were you trying to get off the glass? I remember when the green scotch brite pads were only sold as sand paper for finishing metals. They used to do a great job on aluminum parts for aircrafts. If you scrub a lot on the glass with them, it probably would not mater what polish you use, the glass would be toast.
    I used the Janvil glass stuff on some windows in my house 3 years ago after a painter screwed it up. The Janvil worked great. You have to be sure to use the right cloth to polish with and spend a little time with it.
    What part of Georgia are you from? My cousin runs a body shop in GA near the FL border. Is that close to you? Maybe he can help with the glass. He is pretty reasonable at pricing and does a good job..

  2. Chunky Monkey Says:

    if it doesnt bother you then just leave it. but if it obstructs your view then have it replaced.

  3. Gem Says:

    Look into purchasing a used windshield from the glazier…once there’s a scratch it’s nearly impossible to get out.

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