Are New Molding And Clips Necessary For Windshield Replacement?

I need to replace my windshield and some of the quotes I’ve gotten don’t include clips and molding. Is it necessary to replace these items too or can they be reused from the old windshield? Are they somehow damaged in the replacement process?

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3 Responses to “Are New Molding And Clips Necessary For Windshield Replacement?”

  1. mister ss Says:

    usually they can reuse the molding and clips when putting in the new glass unless your car is so old that the clips are rusty and break.

  2. tomandta Says:

    All depends on how they are taken off. A good bodyman will take them off carefully and not wreck them. The molding and clips can be reused then.

  3. Pedro S Says:

    depends…some molding and clips are almost impossible to get off without damage..the glass guy/gal should know..

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