I Need To Replace My Windshield Because Of A Crack In It. The Car Is A 2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan.?

I called a local Infiniti dealer (I didn’t purchase the car at this dealer) and was told that the service would cost $275 and the new part would cost $850 [total= $1125]. I then found a shop that replaces glass in cars and they told me my windshield replacement, with the part and service included will cost $140 total. I don’t know whether I should get my windshield replaced there for 2 reasons: 1) They might do a poor job and not glue it on properly, or well enough, so that it might start coming apart from the frame of the car in several months, and 2) rain may leak through (because they are doing it for a lot less that Infiniti, I expect the result to be a lot worse).
Am I right correct in my assumptions? Should I get my windshield replaced with the generic place or should I take my car to an official Infiniti dealer? Can I trust the generic shop to do a good job on my car? Any help would be appreciated greatly. Thank you.

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2 Responses to “I Need To Replace My Windshield Because Of A Crack In It. The Car Is A 2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan.?”

  1. mister ss Says:

    call your insurance co. and you will pay $100. deductable for the windshield and they will come to your driveway and change it for you or where you work and it won’t raise your insurance.

  2. artie lange Says:

    Is this an insurance job? If it is let the insurance company handle it.
    I personally would take the cheaper route and just hope they do a good job sealing it. You could ask them what their warranty is on leakage/workmanship.
    Also if the crack isn’t that big it could possibly be repaired and if you have coverage the insurance company might even pay for it with no deductible. Check with them.

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