How To Install An Auto Window?

I have a 2004 Ford Taurus that got broken into…of course whoever didn’t bust the cheap glass…the quarter glass in the rear is broken completely out. I have purchased a new one, but not sure how to install it. Can anyone give me direction on where I can go to find out how to install it?

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  1. Luis B Says:

    Im guessing this is a little triangle glass in the back of the car. If it is just clean the broken glass around the frame. Use a blade to remove as much of old glue as possible. Apply new bead of glue and press glass on. tape up and leave alone for a day. If its a door window, its more complicated. All door panels are different, usually have about two hidden screws and a bunch of clips around the panel. After you remove panel disconect switch, and unscrew little clips on regulator left from old glass. Slide glass in and screw to regulator. Put everything back together.Good luck. You can always call glass company and ask them for a labor charge.

  2. Will S Says:

    Sure try alldatadiy dot com.

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