Honda Crv Windshield Replacement Cost?

I was driving a friend’s car, and it was struck by a rock cracking the windshield. It definitely needs to be replaced.
Going through my insurance is not an option, and I would like to have it replaced ASAP.
A Honda dealership quoted me $1500 for parts and labor. I ran the same quote through Safelite Autoglass, and the price (including labor) was around $250. A customer service rep at Safelite said that they made their own glass and that it comes with a national warrenty.
#1 – Am I missing something or is the dealership just charging that much because they are a dealer?
#2 – If my friend insists on using Honda-only parts, should I try and talk him out of it to save myself the $1200 difference or just accept the blame, pay the money, and be done with it?

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5 Responses to “Honda Crv Windshield Replacement Cost?”

  1. hsueh010 Says:

    You are an honest and good friend.
    The Safelite glass is exactly the same and they meet the requirements for national safety. I’ve used them many times.
    The $1500 the dealership is asking is way too much. What the dealership will simply do is take your friends car, call Safelite themselves and pocket the difference. (At least that would be my belief)
    I would definitely try to talk to your friend. If they are the same Safelite out here in CA, they will even drive the glass over to your friends house and replace the glass at his house so he doesn’t have to drop off the vehicle at the dealership.

  2. Dj Volt Says:

    Just go to your local auto window shop they shouldnt take more then 140 for the replacement. The quality compared to honda glass is about 80:100. 100 being honda glass.

  3. Knock N Says:

    The main difference is that the Safelite place has a crew of about 10 Mexicans that will come out and install a Chinese made windshield using the best in Chinese epoxies, while the Honda place has one or maybe two Americans working there that will install a rebuilt American-made windshield using recycled environmentally friendly glue. That’s the main cost difference.

  4. shelcom Says:

    All windshield must meet Federal standards. Many dealers are far higher for things than independent shops. Honda doesn’t make windshields…they buy them from a supplier. Go to any good glass shop that offers a warranty and you’ll be fine. If there’s a Triumph auto glass near you I’d call them for an estimate.

  5. joel95ex Says:

    when it comes to windshields, just get a reputable place with a warranty….. the honda dealer is NOT going to be installing the window anyway… they will have a glass place do it….. I promise you that dealers do not have a tech nor the inventory to do glass…. everything is sent out or a mobile service comes to the dealer.

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