Help Windshield Replacement What Should I Do?

ok i’m trying to take the cheapest way out i can purchase a windshield for a $100 bucks but people are wanting to charge me $75 or more to put it in my 1994 ford crown vic are they hard to install i have to remove my old windshield and that want be a problem because its already broken and i have the auto glass sealant that goes around the windshield are they hard to install i’m thinking about doing it myself what should i do

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3 Responses to “Help Windshield Replacement What Should I Do?”

  1. Handyman Says:

    If you can get the old windshield out and clean it up around the trim of the windshield ,then it wont be hard to install, be sure to use a plenty of sealant around the windshield before you try to install it.You need to start the bottom of the windshield in first,then allow the rest to ease itself into place.

  2. Firemedi Says:

    The windshiled supports the integrity of the car. if you put it in wrong then your cars roof is weaker in case of an accident. If you install it I guarantee it will leak water, causing electrical problems in the dash. The $75 they want to install it is more than reasonable. Spend the money or you will spend it in the end anyways replacing it again, or repairing the water leaks. You need piano wire to remove the old seal, trim and windshield properly. Spend the money and do it right the first time.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    if you never did it pay the money because if you crack duing install you have to buy another one for another 100 and they crack easy if not very very careful

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