Cost Of Windshield Replacement?

I have a 1997 ford aspire w/ a badly cracked windshield. How much would it cost to replace this?
(Estimates are fine as long as you know what you’re talking about… Please don’t just guess.)
Also I live in the DFW area of Texas… I don’t know how much that might affect the pricing.

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2 Responses to “Cost Of Windshield Replacement?”

  1. Nathan O Says:

    It would be worth wile calling your auto insurance company as well. Many car companies pay to replace windshields if they are cracked, or if they “impair vision.”
    They’d rather pay to have the windshield replaced than pay up on an accident that you were in that was caused by a windshield with a defect in it.

  2. KorgM1 Says:


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