Cost Of Windshield Replaced And Installed?

Rented a 2009 Ford Mondeo in Ireland. Had a rock thrown onto windshield by passing truck. Hertz now charging 900 euros which is roughly $1,300.00. I’ve had a windshield replaced on a larger vehicle and paid $400.00. I contacted a Ford dealer in NJ, but they don’t have prices for the Mondeo. A comparable vehicle is the Taruas for which the windshield replacement cost (including installation) would be $450.00. Is there a way to find out if I’m being taken advantage of here?

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  1. James L Says:

    Unfortunately, it’s a European release, so I don’t have access to pricing on a Mondeo’s windscreen.
    It sounds like they’re charging you for OEM glass (more expensive than the just as good after market glass that will cost hundreds less), a premium labor fee, and adding a “loss of use” charge on top of that. With you working across the Atlantic on this, I think you’re in a world of pain trying to fight this.
    That said, before you take your next steps, there’s a couple things you should do.
    1) Read the first link below. It’s an auto glass industry post of a situation in Phoenix that sounds remarkably similar to yours. In that case, the rental car company was charging people for windshields they didn’t always replace… but one of the added ways they scammed customers was by charging them for the vehicle being out of service and unrentable. Fact is, the repair should only take an hour or two.
    2) Insist that you get copies of the receipts for the repair work. You might be able to talk your way out of any up charges this way.
    3) Call an Irish auto glass firm for a quote before you argue with the rental company. I couldn’t find a Web site that gave quotes on the Internet, but if you search Yahoo! for Ireland Auto Glass there are a couple that list phone numbers.
    Last thing: If the rental car company is global, deal with their company headquarters, wherever that may be.
    You’re in an uphill fight on this one, and I don’t have a lot of confidence in you being able to win it, but taking the steps above will give you a chance.

  2. Jane Says:

    Your personal car insurance should cover the cost, less deductible. Call them.

  3. jbabyoco Says:

    call an auto glass place.
    my uncle owns one.
    Auto Glass Masters

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