Car Inspection And Driver Side Window Glass Problem?

My friend’s Toyota corolla ’02 failed in inspection. At the inspection center inspector asked him to roll down the glass. Now this (driver side windows glass) was having problem since last one year. The window glass will not roll down completely or when you want to bring up it stuck in between and after several trial pressing switch it will come up after half an hour.
The motor vehicle inspector checked all other things there was no problem except this windows glass which he saw that not working. Finally he disqualified car saying ‘ safety issue ‘. My friend called Toyota dealership and describe problem to fix it and they say it is the sealed motor must have gone bad and replacing that part and labour will cost appx – $ 450.
He also checked with other auto repair shop and they also gave similar estimate of $ 410. The question is – Is there any better solution which is cheaper in cost to fix it.

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5 Responses to “Car Inspection And Driver Side Window Glass Problem?”

  1. Mona Says:

    His car failed because of a broken window? Wow.
    We have the same issue with our Suburban and we have been stopped at safety checks in this truck and have had to explain that the window wouldn’t roll up or down reliably but we have never been told it was something that could cause the truck to fail an inspection. I would suggest he take that one further with your local police/DMV before he puts out the money. By the way, the cost to fix our 88 Suburban was only $50 bucks for the part brand new so maybe he can get the parts himself and find a less expensive person to repair.

  2. ivan dog Says:

    do it yourself.. or ask at the Auto Zone if one of those guys knows how.. they might charge a little but not usually much and most of the time someone there knows a lot about cars.
    it should have failed because it is the driver side window and that could cause a safety consern.. say hes driving and it starts POURING rain and he cant roll up the window.. more than likely cant see with water splashing all in his face.
    if you get it fixed timely you shouldnt have to pay for the inspection again.. just go back to the same place.

  3. thickhto Says:

    YESSS. this is an incredibly easy fix. find a friend knowledgable of cars…go to your local autoparts store and replace it yourselves. and you should not have failed an inspection because of your window….find a new mechanic

  4. Gambit-X Says:

    Pull off the door panel and check it out! It could be something obvious and simple to fix!

  5. kimberly M Says:

    if the turn signals and brake lamps work the window is not an issue…

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