Auto Glass Should I Pay?

I asled auto glass to repair a chip in my windscreen which was free however when repairing it it cracked and now i need a whole new windscreen. The excess on my insurance for glass is £60 is it not surley there thought or is it just unlucky the glass cracked?

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6 Responses to “Auto Glass Should I Pay?”

  1. ? Says:

    Did you get a written quote or appointment to have a CHIP fixed? This determines the fault taken in for if yes then claim on your insurance against them and your insurance should recover it from them. They must have a record somewhere (internally usually on duplicate) for the job, if they deny you could demand to see records from the day you booked till couple of days after breakage and if any pages missing take them to court/send copy of summons that just requires the fee see what happens
    Good luck

  2. Jo Says:

    If it broke whilst they were fixing it off course they should be liable.

  3. Paul Says:

    I have a mate who works for autoglass and he said that it is just unlucky if the glass has cracked and it is right that you should pay for it
    but they should have warned you that this could of happened

  4. EvelynThe ModifiedDog. Says:

    That’s exactly what happened to me last year. I got a chip in my widscreen, & the Autoglass guy came out & said it was possibly a bit too big to fix, but he’d try. Unfortunately, while using the compressed airgun to clean the debris out the chip, the screen cracked all the way across, but he did warn me that might happen. You’ve got no legal comeback as the small print on the invoice you’d have signed before he went ahead will allow for this happening.
    C’est la vie!!

  5. jason c Says:

    Every time a chip is repaired on a car windscreen the guy doing the job should tell you that there is a risk involved in doing it.

  6. TERRY READ Says:

    was this a spur of the moment thing like going shopping and seeing thier van and advertising in the car park? or was this an appointment made thing for pre mot repair? if it was the first one (supermarket carpark) then unless you have a reciept stating repair only you will have difficulty in proving blame .
    If you had an appointment for the fix you then have proof and get on to your insurer to get the problem solved, or speak to the auto glass manager first before asking your insurance as he might just replace your screen and write the expense off, but check they have not still got your insurance details as they are sneaky and might say they have not charged you but send a bill to your insurance people and you will find out only when renewal is due.

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