1998 Jeep Gr Cherokee Needs Windshield. Is It Better To Go To Dealership Or Auto Glass Shop?

Is glass quality the same or do some places get cheaper glass?

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6 Responses to “1998 Jeep Gr Cherokee Needs Windshield. Is It Better To Go To Dealership Or Auto Glass Shop?”

  1. italy_co Says:

    Go to a Glass shop and tell them you want OEM glass installed. They will install MOPAR OEM glass for you.
    Almost ALL dealers have glass places install their glass, and then mark up the price to you.

  2. Richard E Says:

    you can use a glass shop. ask for the MOPAR glass. Make sure they clean out the old urethane or you will have wind and water leaking.

  3. cgriffin Says:

    The glass quality is still the same no matter if you take it to the dealer and pay 400.00+
    or if you go to the other glass store and pay 150.00
    They all use the same glass, same glue
    same removal and install methods.
    If your rich and dont care – go to the dealer.
    If your a real person and need money for bills, get it done at a glass shop – or body shop

  4. christian b Says:

    better glass at deler but you will pay for it

  5. $%*# it all Says:

    a windshield is a windshield go to a glass shop and save yourself a ton of money the dealer will just rip you off and they use the same glass and sealant as any where else

  6. juanita4 Says:

    All should be the same- before anything check with your car insurance to see if they will pay for it. A week after buying my 1997 chevy tahoe a rock hit the windshield and created a crack that ran from the driver side all the way to the passenger side- called the insurance and I didn’t pay a dime, nor did my rates go up, and the repair guy came to my house and installed the new windshield in my garage- pretty nice service. good luck!

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